The Třebívlice winery is one of the most modern in the Czech Republic, making use of a high proportion of automation but also traditional handiwork not only during grape harvesting. Grapes are sorted on a vibrating table, after which a pneumatic nitrogen grape press begins its work. The wine must pass from the press to stainless steel vinificators and fermentation tanks, finally to large French oak or barrique barrels. The winery’s core is a cellar with storage capacity of up to half a million litres of wine. stamp

A uniqueproduction process

While automation allows the wine to be handled as carefully as possible during processing, it is the handicraft and love and understanding of wine that ensures each variety achieves the best possible quality. White wines mature for at least one year and red wines for at least 18 months, but some varieties do not mature into their ideal form until after five years. Because of the favourable weather, grapes can be harvested for ice wine, while sparkling wine is made using traditional methods. You can watch the entire production process during the excursion and experience what it is like to be a winemaker for a while.
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