They organize expeditions through both the industrial and virgin landscapes of northwest Bohemia.

You will be introduced to the enchanting Ore Mountains interwoven with mine adits, the Tertiary period volcanoes of the Central Bohemian Uplands, the stratovolcano of the Doupovské Mountains and the Most coal basin with its huge opencast mines and chemical industries.

You won’t find so many completely different types of landscape in such a small area anywhere else in the world. You will be taken on an adventure through the history and present of one of Europe's most dynamic regions. You will come across mine shafts and military buildings, the best restaurants and microbreweries, all while being accommodated in cosy guest houses.

You will see what you simply cannot find in any tourist guides. The visual experience will be accompanied by a comprehensive explanation of the landscape and the lives of locals. Get strapped in, we’re off!

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